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E4D’s Submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee

Each year, in preparation for the federal budget, the House of Commons Finance Committee invites the public to submit proposals on what they feel should be a top funding priority for the upcoming year. This year, the committee requested submissions specifically on the theme “Climate Emergency: The Required Transition to a Low Carbon Economy”.
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Evidence for Democracy participated in this year’s budget consultation by submitting a proposal with five recommendations. In Budget 2020, to respond to the climate emergency, E4D encourages our government to invest in science, evidence-informed decision-making, and a culture of transparency and openness. Our recommendations are as follows:

Recommendation 1: Invest $10-15 million per year for five years in partnership-based climate and atmospheric research, especially in the Arctic.

Recommendation 2: Provide support for fundamental science through investment in the federal granting councils and scientific trainees.

Recommendation 3: Restore funding for federal science to levels achieved in 2011.

Recommendation 4: Implement Departmental Science Advisors in all science-based departments and agencies and examine mechanisms for improved evidence-based policy-making.

Recommendation 5: Promote openness and transparency through full implementation and adherence to Scientific Integrity Policies and open access to government science and data.

As Canada faces the reality of a climate crisis, investments in science, research and evidence-based decision-making are critically important. Science and research allow us to measure, mitigate, and adapt to the complex problems resulting from climate change through rigorous and precise monitoring, technology development, and scientific modeling. Investing in science and evidence-informed decision-making ensures our government is equipped to make informed decisions on problems as challenging and dividing as climate change. As well, ensuring transparency in our government processes builds trust in our institutions, and helps build an informed public – a crucial component in the face of a climate emergency.

Canada, with its unique geography, human capital, skills, and knowledge is well positioned to be a leader in climate science, and evidence-based decision-making surrounding our climate crisis. It’s fundamentally important that we capitalize on this opportunity to be leaders in this field, and ensure we build a better world for us, and for future generations.

If you’re interested in reading the full proposal, you can check it out here.

If you want to learn more about how you can participate in the budget process yourself, E4D has put together a handy toolkit that walks you through the process. Check it out here.


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