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Keeping Science in the Public Eye

Our issue-based campaigns empower Canadians to get involved in advocating for science, and to use evidence in everyday life decisions.

Impact of E4D Campaigns

E4D campaigns aim to promote evidence-informed decision-making in government and empower Canadians to take action to stand up for science.

Creating public demand and pressure is critical to moving our government leaders to take the steps required to improve science integrity, government transparency, and evidence-informed decision-making in Canada.

Thousands of Canadians have supported E4D’s issues-based campaigns by signing open letters, contacting policy-makers, taking the Truth Pledge, and more. Since 2019 alone, over 4000 people have supported E4D campaigns.

E4D campaigns have played a key role in successful advocacy efforts such as the appointment of Canada’s first Chief Science Advisor in a decade, the creation of science integrity policies in the federal government, and a major federal investment for Canadian science and research. 


The outcome of E4D campaigns is to send the message to elected representatives that Canadians care about science. 

Creating public demand to put pressure on our leaders is critical to moving our government leaders to tackle emerging issues affecting science and evidence-informed public policy.

Over 1,000 Canadians
have participated in E4D’s Vote Science campaigns around federal and provincial elections.
More Than 400 People
signed on to E4D’s Truth Pledge, making the commitment to do their part to stop the spread of misinformation online ahead of the 2019 federal election.
Over 4,000 People
have supported E4D campaigns since 2019 alone.
Over 2,000 People
signed an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, urging them to formalize the position of the CSA.