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About E4D

Standing Up for Science and Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in Canada.

Evidence for Democracy is a grassroots organization that believes a strong democracy requires governments that make policy decisions informed by the best available evidence.

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What We Do

Evidence for Democracy is a movement to strengthen government transparency and accountability by ensuring that scientific evidence is used in the decision-making process and openly communicated to the public.

Through our issue-based campaigns, original research and training programs, we strive to empower the voice of the science community in public policy, while cultivating public demand for strong policies informed by the best available evidence.

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Our Vision

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Our Focus



We conduct original research to address knowledge gaps at the interface of policy and evidence.
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We use education and outreach to put knowledge and skills into the hands of Canada’s scientific community and the wider public.
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We tackle emerging issues affecting science and evidence-informed public policy in Canada through advocacy. We believe having our voices heard is paramount in activating change.
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Key elements of evidence-informed decision-making
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Science Integrity

In order for evidence-informed public policies to best serve all Canadians, it is critical that the process through which evidence is generated is conducted with integrity. 

Broadly, this means ensuring responsible conduct in research activities, timely publication of research findings, the ability for scientists to communicate their work to the public, and freedom of external interference, among others. It is also important that scientific research is sufficiently supported through funding, infrastructure, and policies. 


For the past decade, E4D has been a leading advocate for science integrity in Canada and played a key role in securing the implementation of science integrity policies in the federal government. 

Government Transparency

A healthy democracy is one where citizens are able to hold elected officials accountable for the decisions that impact their lives.

In order for citizens to hold governments to account, they must be able to discern if and how evidence is contributing to policy decisions. This demands transparency throughout the policymaking process. 

Openness and transparency are fundamental to ensuring Canadians’ trust in their government and in democracy overall.

How it all Began

Learn how the Death of Evidence Rally was the catalyst for the creation of E4D.