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The Science to Policy Accelerator is back for 2024!

We’re very excited to share that Evidence for Democracy will be bringing back the Science to Policy Accelerator (S2PA) program for its second iteration in May 2024! This is an opportunity for early-career researchers across Canada to receive specialized training in public policy, positioning them as key knowledge brokers and emerging leaders at the science-policy interface.

In 2022, our pilot program offered 25 early-career researchers practical training on how to navigate public policy. Researchers gained foundational knowledge on how to move science to policy, through topics such as Government 101, delivering policy briefings, writing briefing notes, and more.

The first cohort of the S2PA program.

Since our pilot program, several S2PA participants have drawn on their newly-acquired policy skills for knowledge mobilization, and even transitioned to a public policy career. Participants also penned an op-ed, calling for increased opportunities for early-career researchers to share research findings and engage with policymakers.

Two years later, S2PA remains more relevant than ever.

There is a growing number of policy challenges that require scientific knowledge, such as widening social inequality, environmental conservation and the potential for future pandemics. More than ever, scientists need to be able to understand and participate in the many different processes that contribute to public policy.

Despite this need, Canadian scientists and researchers are often ill-equipped to mobilize their findings into public policy. There are few comprehensive training programs for scientists to develop policy-relevant skills — in fact, scientists are seldom encouraged to engage with the policy implications of their research within universities. This is where S2PA comes in: it is the only program in Canada to offer practical training on how to navigate public policy, at no cost to participants, filling a key training and knowledge gap for early-career scientists.

S2PA will be delivered through five weekly sessions in May 2024, and is offered at no cost to participants. Interested in applying? Sign up to receive an email reminder when applications open in March!

You can learn more about S2PA here. If you have questions about the S2PA program, please get in touch at

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