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Standing up for science in the next decade

This July, we step into a new decade at E4D. To mark the occasion, we’re thrilled to unveil the new face of E4D’s digital presence!

The team has been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring this platform to life, and to ensure that E4D can continue to grow with the challenges we face today. I invite everyone to explore the new website and share it with others!

What started as an outcry from government scientists and supporters 10 years ago has evolved into a national movement for science and evidence that brings together Canadians from all walks of life. With the support of this amazing community, we have accomplished so much for Canadian science in public policy in the last 10 years, but our mission is far from over.

Our new website serves as our gateway to expanding our reach and impact in the next chapter of our organization. With our enhanced digital presence, we’re well-positioned to empower even more Canadians to push for evidence-informed decision-making, through our advocacy campaigns, training resources, and original research .

I’d like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to the entire E4D community of scientists and advocates whose generosity and dedication have fueled our work and have been the backbone of our achievements over the past decade. We’d especially like to acknowledge the contributions of our major donors, a few of whom have shared why they are committed to enabling E4D’s work. Take a look at what they said:

“I am a huge fan of the work done by Evidence for Democracy. In today’s environment, where dramatic click-bait that doesn’t fully represent reality is commonplace, the work that E4D does to understand how political decisions are made, and identify ways to inject fact-based research and logic into the process, is critical to the future of this amazing country.” —Diane Hagglund

“I experienced muzzling and the chilling effect of political ideology on science firsthand when I was an NRC scientist in 2010-2013. I support E4D because they advocate for the rights of scientists and continue to call attention to the decline in Canada’s funding for research and trainee support relative to its G7 peers.” —Jonathan Page

“E4D first grabbed my attention when government scientists were being muzzled. I realized that there were young professionals willing to stand up for the importance of science in the public interest. E4D recognizes that we cannot govern this country, or make complex decisions and good life choices, if they are not based in fact. Moreover, the public wants to know what information sources can be trusted and how conclusions were reached. Our survival and future prosperity depends on building a knowledge-based society. E4D is a catalyst for change: promoting the value of science, coaching scientific professionals in their communication skills and helping the public cope with a tsunami of misinformation. I wish I could bottle the energy and commitment of the E4D team. They have achieved a lot with very little, and deserve your consideration and support.” —Bill Smith

“After seven years of the Harper government, many scientists and environmental groups were highly concerned about the state of Canada’s public research. I was part of the Our Right To Know group based in Toronto. In an effort to get wider coverage on the issue, we joined forces with E4D and other groups. That was my start with E4D. We also maintained a timeline documenting political decisions that went against science. Following the 2015 election, we recognized that we needed to keep vigilant about changes. Knowing that E4D was based in Ottawa and well-staffed, I continued supporting its work. It is essential to ensure political decisions are based on solid science. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, so the need for E4D remains. The ability to call upon its network of experts makes E4D so special.” —Gilles Fecteau

Together, we’re fighting for a future where transparent policy-making is the status quo, where science and evidence are central to policy discussions, and where citizens have a say in decisions that impact their everyday lives. Thank you to hundreds of donors and thousands of supporters for being an invaluable part of E4D’s work over the years and for setting up our movement for another decade of impact.

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