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The Fundamental Science Review: Where are we at in 2019?

In 2017, the federal government commissioned a review of Canada’s fundamental science and research ecosystem. The results of this, the Fundamental Science Review (also known as the Naylor report) called upon the government to take action on several recommendations that aimed to improve fundamental research in Canada. The review was met with great support from scientists across the country.

In the years following, the federal government has made it clear that they are using the recommendations from the Naylor report as a road map. The science community saw Budget 2018 make significant new investments in fundamental research, many of which are directly in line with Naylor recommendations. Budget 2019 continued this trend, adding new money for scholarships.

But how far have we come on the Naylor report? What’s still outstanding?

We published an op-ed in Policy Options exploring this topic. In preparation for this piece, we took a deep dive into each of the original Naylor recommendations to see what actions have been made, and where we still have things to do.

We’re sharing our background research so that the broader science policy community can take a deeper look.

To help keep track of the Naylor report, we have put together the following chart, which summarizes how far the needle has moved on on the recommendations of the Fundamental Science Review. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at each of the recommendations one by one, we have also put together a document, which is a more in-depth breakdown of actions on each recommendation individually.

Importantly, we recognize that tracking every one of the Naylor recommendations is challenging! We have taken on this task to the best of our ability, but we view this tracking exercise as an ongoing process. Thus, we welcome any feedback, and suggestions of any additions or corrections you might have to make this document as accurate and complete as possible. You can do so by reaching out to

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