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Annotated Bibliography for Transparency in Policy-Making

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance and promote transparency in government decision-making, we have curated this annotated bibliography to serve as a comprehensive guide. This resource is designed to be a starting point for researchers exploring this research landscape, offering a nuanced understanding of different perspectives on transparency in policy-making.

This annotated bibliography includes:

  • Academic articles, case studies, and reports from various organizations.
  • An exploration of the concepts of transparency and accountability and their connection to policy-making and good governance.
  • A selection of studies to provide a historical overview, tracing the evolution of transparency and accountability over the years.
  • A presentation of different interpretations of accessible information and evidence in decision-making across jurisdictions, as well as methodological frameworks for evaluating transparency across various policy niches.
  • A focus on specific case studies and critiques of well-established concepts.
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