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Annotated Bibliography for Online Misinformation

As part of our ongoing efforts to combat misinformation, we are working to equip our community with the knowledge and skills required to understand misinformation, its risks, and effective ways of pushing back against its spread. As we continue with ongoing research to better understand how misinformation impacts the research community in Canada, we have produced this annotated bibliography to provide our community with an accessible evidence base for better understanding the threat of misinformation. Thank you to our summer 2020 Research Assistant Charlee Heath for compiling this resource.

This bibliography includes resources on the following topics:

  • Key terms for understanding misinformation
  • Defining misinformation and disinformation
  • Understanding how misinformation is transmitted
  • Understanding why we are susceptible to misinformation
  • Best practices for combatting misinformation
  • Knowing the threats and risks of online misinformation
  • Understanding how Canadians have already been impacted by misinformation

We hope this will be a valuable resource for our community. As our research expands, we will release updated versions of this resource.

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