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Ontario Endangered Species Act Review

The Ontario government is currently reviewing the Endangered Species Act “to improve protections for species at risk, consider modern and innovative approaches to achieve positive outcomes for species at risk, as well as to look for ways to streamline approvals and provide clarity to support economic development.”
Review of Ontario's endangered species act

We need experts to weigh in to make sure any changes made to the act are evidence-based. We don’t have long to act – a proposal has been posted online and comments from the public are being accepted until March 4th. Below is a list of resources and background information on the Ontario Endangered Species Act to help you prepare your comments – thank you to Dr. Sheila Colla and others for providing us with these helpful resources.

Please consider submitting a comment and sharing this resource list with your peers!

Access the consultation and submit a comment:

10th Year Review of Ontario’s Endangered Species Act: Discussion Paper and Consultation


The ESA Review: Ten Things You Need to Know – Ontario Nature

Concise Guide to Interpreting MECP’s Discussion Paper about the ESA review – Ontario Nature, David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Environmental Law Association

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada Submission

Review of the Endangered Species Act: Webinar – WCS Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario Nature

Twitter thread by @jamespaterson on important elements of the Act that should be maintained

Failure to Protect: Grading Canada’s Species at Risk Laws – Ecojustice

Ontario’s Endangered Species Act failing to protect at-risk species after 10 years of implementation: report – Ecojustice

Straight from the Heart – Ontario Nature

Ontario’s review of Endangered Species Act must address long-term ecosystem damage – Justina Ray, President & Senior Scientist WCS Canada

On the Brink of Extinction: Why we can’t afford the Endangered Species Act to get any weaker – Environmental Defence

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