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Network of Experts

Experts in Evidence for Democracy’s network support our mission by contributing their knowledge to our research, communications, outreach and training.

Who are the Experts?

Experts in E4D’s network come from academia, industry, non-profit, and government, and have backgrounds of knowledge and experience in science, technology, engineering, medicine and social science fields. They range in experience from scientific trainees to seasoned professionals..

At over 600 members strong, the Network of Experts bridges the gap between evidence and the public and policymakers to strengthen decision-making in Canada. Members also support E4D’s mission by contributing expertise to our research, communications, outreach, and training.

Here are some of the ways that members of E4D’s Network of Experts have contributed:

  1. Writing and publishing letters to the editor, opinions editorials, and blog posts
  2. Contributing to expert panels on topical issues
  3. Connecting with journalists covering science and public policy
  4. Engaging in research projects
  5. Contributing quotes for press releases and public campaign materials

Your Involvement Can Make a Difference

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Help Educate the Public

and connect decision makers with expertise they need to make informed decisions based on evidence

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Bridge the Gap

between evidence and the public and policymakers in Canada

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evidence-informed decision making in Canada