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Learn, practice, act, repeat!

Evidence for Democracy offers toolkits, training sessions and workshops that will help you improve your science-policy skills!
Workshops and skill building

How can you tell if the most popular story on Facebook has credible sources? What do you do when your research is not receiving adequate funding from the federal government? And, most importantly, how can you be an engaged citizen?

Though these questions can be challenging to answer, E4D is here to help. Through our suite of training tools, we aim to provide our community with the tools and skills to better understand and engage in the policy process and to advocate for science and evidence in our democracy. Below is a snapshot of some of the trainings E4D has offered in the past. A lot of the resources that E4D creates are free to use, and we also do custom trainings and workshops. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more!


Misinformation is a growing issue that is threatening our democracy and it is our responsibility to fight back against this serious problem. Deciphering between fact-based news and misinformation is a daunting task for anyone, especially in today’s fast-paced social media bubble and hyper-connected society. Take a look at the resources below to learn about stopping the spread of misinformation and how to have that awkward, yet necessary, conversation with someone who forgot to check their sources before they hit share.

Start by checking out our Truth Pledge! By signing the pledge, you get access to our truth toolkit, which includes a ton of great tips to empower you to recognize and fight back against misinformation. By signing the pledge, you commit to putting these tools to use.

Truth Pledge and Truth Toolkit: How to Combat Misinformation

We’ve also produced two webinars on misinformation. The first is designed to help you recognize and respond to misinformation, and the second teaches you how to use existing tools to check online information you think might be untrue. You can view both of these webinars anytime on our YouTube channel:

Webinar: Misinformation and What to do About It

Webinar: Uncovering Misinformation 101 with Buzzfeed

Science communication

Are you a scientist or a researcher who wants to learn more about communicating your work to the public? Check out our webinar series “Comms for Scientists” that consists of three videos explaining the most effective ways to talk about your research!

E4D Comms for Scientists Webinar Playlist

Workshops, trainings and educational videos

Opening the communication bridge between scientists and policy makers is a very complex task. At E4D, we recognize and support everyone who steps outside of their comfort zone to create productive solutions.

E4D designs and provides in-person trainings and workshops on subjects such as science policy, how to write briefing notes, and the best way to ensure your research is impacting policy decisions. Please contact if you are interested in having E4D run a specific workshop or an in-person training about the valuable skills of evidence-based decision making.

Also, if you are on YouTube watching our educational webinars, feel free to look at the other content on our channel to learn about how Evidence for Democracy was formed, our past campaigns, and other science-policy videos!

E4D is committed to standing up for science and demystifying the policy-making process, but we cannot do it without you! Thank you for using our toolkits, and participating in our workshops, and training sessions that help everyone push for evidence-based decision making and strong science!

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