Original research and expertise to address Canada’s pressing public policy issues.

Whether it be through expert consultation, filling in knowledge gaps with our own original research, or disseminating important facts on policy, E4D works to ensure that the public and politicians alike have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our original research program connects academics, NGOs, communities, and other collaborators to study issues at the interface of evidence and policy to find constructive solutions to policy challenges. 

Evidence for Democracy’s Network of Experts (NoE) includes hundreds of experts across many disciplines, and forms the backbone of E4D’s expertise. The NoE provides internal subject matter advice as well as contributes their essential knowledge to public panels and blog posts to help bring clarity to timely and contentious issues. The NoE links with E4D’s research program to ensure evidence-based decision-making is represented in all sectors, ranging from medicine to archiving and everything in-between.