In our latest installment of Evidence for Democracy's Network of Experts Panel, our experts discuss a hotly debated and passionate environmental issue: neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics).

Ottawa (July 30 2015) - 

True North Smart and Free (, a new website documenting recent changes to how science is collected, communicated and used in federal policy decision-making launches today.

Until recently, the negative consequences of federal funding cuts to public-interest science were largely unknown to Canadians. This is cause for concern considering these cuts affect monitoring programs that serve important public functions including sustainable management of fisheries, protecting species-at-risk, and keeping our drinking water clean.

andrew park

A guest blog by Andrew Park, associate professor of biology at the University of Winnipeg and Green Party candidate in Winnipeg South Centre.

A shorter version of this article originally appeared in University Affairs, and can be viewed here.

On Tuesday, Evidence for Democracy launched the Science Pledge, the first part of its wider campaign to make science and evidence-based decision-making a federal election issue this year.

Ottawa (June 16 2015) - The science group Evidence for Democracy is launching a ‘Science Pledge’ campaign today asking Members of Parliament, candidates, organizations and citizens to pledge their support for science and evidence-based government decision-making.

A strong democracy needs strong science

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Il est dans l’intérêt de tous que les gouvernements sollicitent, recueillent et utilisent les données et l’expertise nécessaires pour prendre des décisions politiques éclairées qui contribuent à la sécurité, à la santé et à la prospérité de la population canadienne. C’est pourquoi je voterai en faveur de mesures d’investissement dans la recherche d’intérêt public ; j’appuierai la communication ouverte, véridique et rapide de l’information scientifique ; et je rendrai publiques les données prises en compte dans les décisions gouvernementales.

With featured input from Evidence for Democracy, Part 3 focuses on how science can fight back against ideological attacks.

Bring public science back to the public!

But we have to act fast! The motion will be debated TOMORROW evening (Tuesday May 26). Now is your chance to take action in support of science - email your MP to show your support for this motion!