With featured input from Evidence for Democracy, Part 3 focuses on how science can fight back against ideological attacks.

Bring public science back to the public!

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But we have to act fast! The motion will be debated TOMORROW evening (Tuesday May 26). Now is your chance to take action in support of science - email your MP to show your support for this motion!

UPDATE: After a full day of debate on government science integrity, the motion failed to pass with a vote of 145 to 119. We made a strong show of support for public science and this debate will go a long way to ensuring that science is an election issue. 

UPDATE: All your tweets and emails worked! This motion to restore science integrity to government science will be debated and voted on in parliament on Tuesday May 26. Email your MP to show your support today!!

May 19th was a big day for public science in Canada!

Act now to bring back the long form census!

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Check out our recent article, Canada’s future depends on a national science strategy that offers bold vision, in Power and Influence magazine published by the Hill Times.

Canada needs a Parliamentary Science Officer

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Panel agrees that the Canadian public science landscape has changed in recent years with some negative consequences for Canadians, and our science reputation.