Bringing public science back to the public

Mercredi, mai 20, 2015 - 10:28

May 19th was a big day for public science in Canada!

On May 19th, a recently retired Fisheries and Oceans Canada biologist came forward to talk about the "climate of fear" federal government scientists face. On that same day, demonstrations were held across the country to support public scientists' push to protect science integrity through their collective bargaining.

Evidence for Democracy participated in these demonstrations, supporting federal scientists' request to have their collective agreement explicitly recognize their right to talk to journalists, attend scientific conferences, and make sure their science is protected from political interference - This would go a long way to improving the scientific integrity of our public science.

Today, we need your help to keep this conversation going!

These demonstrations sparked a national conversation on the importance of public science with coverage in all the main media outlets:

Please take a minute to show your support for our government scientists by signing and sharing our petition calling on the government to create a new open science communication policy.

Click here to find out how you can help us capitalize on this momentum and continue to push for our public scientists to be able to speak freely!


Marija Curran

Coordonnatrice des levées de fonds et des communications

Marija Curran s'est jointe à Savoir et Démocratie en tant que coordonnatrice des levées de fonds et des communications en 2014. Auparavant coordonnatrice des communications au Conseil des académies canadiennes, elle a travaillé à promouvoir l'utilisation de la recherche indépendante et des données probantes dans le développement des politiques publiques.