Savoir et Démocratie était à l'origine une organisation basée uniquement sur le travail de bénévoles. Aujourd'hui, l'efficacité et la portée de nos campagnes dépendent toujours de l'implication et du dévouement de notre communauté de bénévoles. Nous sommes reconnaissants envers ces individus qui partagent leurs compétences et donnent de leur temps à notre organisation.

Nous présentons ici certains bénévoles qui ont joué un rôle clé dans la réalisation de nos projets.

Chantalle Briggs

Program Coordinator - Canada Science Sentinel

Chantalle Briggs completed her PhD in neuroscience at Dalhousie University in 2017. Her research explores the cellular and molecular changes that underlie sleep/wake behaviour. She has worked extensively in science outreach in both official languages, particularly among Canadian youth. Chantalle has worked with Evidence for Democracy on several projects, and is currently the Project Coordinator of E4D’s Canada Science Sentinel (CSS) - a centralized source of archival data and information on Canadian science policy. In this role, she is responsible for helping develop policy positions, overseeing a team of volunteers, and bringing together the range of expertise across the CSS team.

Stephanne Taylor

Program Co-ordinator

Stephanne is organizing science policy, research, and communication initiatives for E4D.  She completed her PhD in physical oceanography at McGill University in 2016, where her research focused on ocean circulation and energetics. She has also published research in gravitational physics, applied physics, and Martian geochemistry, giving her a strong and varied background in physical sciences.  Aside from her academic research, she strives to make science accessible and exciting to non-scientists, with a particular focus on the intersection of science and politics.  She is a co-founder of Science Borealis, and has written about physics, environmental science, and Canadian politics for a range of organizations and publications.