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Researcher - Climate Science Funding

Tristan MacLean began his scientific career carrying out molecular diagnostics on human cases of prion disease during the variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob outbreak in the UK at the beginning of the millenium. The crisis highlighted to Tristan the importance of scientific evidence for critical government decision-making alongside effective science communication and a commitment to public engagement. After completing his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Tristan undertook a postdoctoral position at the University of Leeds before training as a science educator, teaching and lecturing public health, chemistry and life sciences. In 2009, he joined the Norwich BioScience Institutes where he ran public engagement and education programs for a number of leading research centres, including the John Innes Centre, where he coordinated a play on the history of women in genetics, Blooming Snapdragons, that was performed at the Royal Institution in London. In 2010, Tristan took over responsibility for the education and outreach programs of the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), developing a wide range of initiatives, including their bioenergy public engagement resources and the education activities of Global Food Security (GFS), a collaborative program involving eighteen organizations including six UK government departments, the Scottish and Welsh governments and six research councils. In 2014, Tristan moved to the USA, where he established the non-profit program Keep on Questioning and launched I’m a Scientist USA, connecting scientists across the country with schools and the public. In 2017, he moved with his family to Ottawa. Tristan is also the Outreach Manager for Science Borealis, a Canadian blogging network.


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