Network of Experts

Use your expertise and knowledge to make a difference

Evidence for Democracy’s Network of Experts is a growing community of over 400 experts from dozens of disciplines. By sharing their knowledge and research they play a critical role in advancing evidence-based policy in Canada.

The Network helps to increase communication between the scientific community and the public, policy makers, and the media to spark national dialogues about the role and importance of evidence in smart decision-making and strong public policy development.

Evidence for Democracy engages the Network of Experts in a number of ways, including:

  • featuring blog posts from network members
  • featuring virtual panels with commentary from network experts on topical issues
  • support for experts to write and publish letters to the editor and op-eds
  • linking experts with journalists covering science and public policy
  • opportunities for experts to contribute quotes for press releases and public campaign materials
  • opportunities for collaboration on original research projects
  • soliciting expert input on our research into science integrity issues and evidence-based decision making
  • exclusive training tools on science communication, advocacy, and influencing policy

If you would like to join the network, please complete the short registration form.