Toolkit: Engaging with your Federal Candidates

In the lead up to the election, federal candidates are engaging with their community to grow relationships, hear from voters, and build platforms that people care about. As a voter, you also want to find out what your candidates stand for and their stances on issues important to you, so you can make informed decisions wehn you head to the polls in October. 

Unfortunately, science and evidence aren't always significant issues in federal election campaigns. However, as a supporter of science, you can help make science an election issue by engaging with your candidates and building long-term relationships with potential future decision-makers. In this toolkit you'll find:

  • Why you should engage with your federal candidates
  • Who your federal candidates are
  • Ways of engaging with your federal candidates including:
    • Questions to ask your candidates when they come door-knocking
    • Tips for approaching your candidates at events
    • How to set up a one-on-one meeting with your candidates
    • How to organize a candidate event
  • Things your candidate wants and needs
  • Ways to get involved in the #VoteScience campaign.