A Summer of Outreach in Ottawa

Friday, June 28, 2019 - 10:54

I am beyond excited to introduce myself as the Summer Outreach Coordinator for Evidence for Democracy!

My desire to create positive change in the world stems from the remarkable times that I have seen complete strangers connect with, and support, one another. Whether that be a random act of kindness at the airport, or two students becoming friends in class, the compassion, the trust, and the bravery that are present in that moment prove that we are stronger together.

I am so ecstatic to work with Evidence for Democracy this summer because this organization operates on the same principle of connection. The vision to create a world where scientists, lawyers, teachers, and government are able to communicate openly and honestly is, in my opinion, absolutely essential to developing effective solutions to the dynamic issues that we face today.

When I discovered Environmental Science, I was completely overjoyed. Studying science through the lenses of social, economic, and political situations is incredibly eye-opening. Not only am I learning about interesting facts and processes, but also I am able to view the application of research in real life. It was through my studies in this program that I became increasingly aware of how important it is for scientists to take their research one step further and communicate their findings to policy makers and the general public. 

One such course, taught by Dr. Diane Orihel, emphasized the need for connection between science and policy by inviting various researchers to present their work. As part of these presentations, Dr. Jennifer Provencher came to speak about her research with microplastics and explain how she recently made the transition from science to policy. I became absolutely fascinated with the idea that I could use my interest in science to help create policies that are based on solid research. 

I am currently pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Science, as well as a Certificate in Business and a Certificate in Law at Queen’s University. As someone who enjoys math and science, but also loves meeting new people and being present in the world, I am incredibly excited to organize fun events and outreach opportunities that will continue to connect Evidence for Democracy with the Ottawa community! I am looking forward to working with this amazing organization to advocate for the presence of science in our lives! You'll be able to find me at events around the city this summer, stay tuned for details!


Caitlin Hayes

Summer Outreach Coordinator

Caitlin is currently an undergraduate student at Queen’s University where she is pursuing her BScH in Environmental Science, a Certificate in Business, and a Certificate in Law.