Evidence for Democracy on CBC Ideas' Science under Siege

Friday, June 5, 2015 - 13:21

With featured input from Evidence for Democracy, Part 3 focuses on how science can fight back against ideological attacks.

The final episode of CBC Ideas' 3-part series, "Science under Siege" on science and democracy aired on June 5, 2015. It featured input from E4D's Executive Director, Dr. Katie Gibbs, on how science can withstand the attacks against it and overcome ideology and focused largely on Evidence for Democracy's efforts in this endeavour. Given rising concerns over cuts to important government research monitoring programs, reduced funding for basic scientific research, and the restrictive nature of government communication policies for federal scientists, this is a timely and informative piece that everyone should hear!

For more information on the episode, click here.

Marija Curran

Communications and Development Coordinator

Marija Curran joined Evidence for Democracy as a Communications and Fundraising Coordinator in 2014. She comes to E4D from the Council of Canadian Academies where she worked as a Communications Coordinator to create and promote independent, evidence-based research for public policy development.