Science Policy Questionnaire - Results!

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 09:57

In preparation for the federal election, Evidence for Democracy, alongside almost 20 Canadian science and research organizations launched the #VoteScience campaign. Science and research are rarely key issues in a federal election. The campaign aimed to change this, by providing tools and resources to help Canadians engage with their candidates, demonstrate why science, research, and evidence are fundamental election issues, and inform themselves on how to vote for science-friendly candidates. 

As part of the #VoteScience campaign, E4D prepared a science policy questionnaire that we distributed to the four major parties - Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green. The questionnaire was also reviewed and vetted by a number of #VoteScience partner organizations. 

The questionnaire invited the parties to share their visions for how they will support policies that strengthen science, evidence-informed decision-making, and research if elected as the next government. The questionnaire focused on seven themes: Evidence-informed decision-making; Capacity for federal science; Encouraging investment in scientific research and development; Openness and Transparency in federal processes; Government science advice; a National Science and Technology Policy and; Our changing climate. 

We were pleased to receive questionnaire responses from the Liberal, NDP, and Green parties. The Conservative party declined to participate due to time constraints. 

We are happy to share the responses from the participating parties in full. The questionnaire, as well as each of the individual party responses can be seen here

Thank you again to all participating parties, and to the #VoteScience partners. We hope this can help to inform you as you head to the polls on Monday!

Kimberly Girling

Interim Executive Director

Kimberly Girling completed a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia. During her work as a scientist, she developed a passion for science policy, and has participated in a number of initiatives relating to global and public health, drug policy and harm reduction.