Science Pledge Pics!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 09:22

Take action to show that Canadians care about science and smart decision-making.

With Science Literacy Week in full swing - we’re hoping you’ll join us in posting a Science Pledge pic.

We need your help to get federal candidates and party leaders talking about the science and research that are so essential for our health and prosperity.

Step 1: Take a Pledge Pic

Sign the Pledge online, print a Science Pledge sheet, sign-it, and take a picture with it!

Step 2: Tweet it (or post it on Facebook)

Sample tweet: I’m taking the #SciencePledge to #VoteScience on Oct 19. Join me at #elxn42

Even better - tweet your pic to the party leaders or your federal candidates

Sample tweet: I'm going to #VoteScience on Oct 19! @pmharper @JustinTrudeau @ElizabethMay @ThomasMulcair

Step 3: Get your network in on the fun!

Tell your friends/colleagues/lab group about the Science Pledge and take a group Pledge pic!

Check out this group in Haliburton who took a group Pledge pic or these awesome Science Pledge Ambassadors tabling in Queen’s University Centre!

Don’t want to post a picture online? Not so social media savvy?

You can post your Pledge sheet up on your door at work, in your window at home, or on a community bulletin board!

Tell us what you're doing with your Pledge pics!

Share your Pledge pic ideas in the comments below so we can share them with the E4D community.

Together, we can stand up for science and smart decision-making in Canada!

Suman Gupta

Engagement Organizer

Suman Gupta joined Evidence for Democracy to help advance E4D's election plans. She holds an M.Sc. in biology from Acadia University and has contributed to research in the fields of plant physiology, entomology, value-added product development, and bird conservation.