Science Pledge Ambassador Toolkit

Thank you for joining our team of Science Pledge Ambassadors!


Here you will find the tools and resources you need to marshal others in your network to take the Science Pledge. 

Election day is quickly approaching - see what you can do right now to mobilize your community to make science an election issue!


Science Pledge Ambassador Guide: this is the main instruction document with all the information you need to get started. 

Science Pledge Sheets: one of the most important tools in the Science Pledge Ambassador’s toolkit! Print them off, get your friends, lab mates, and colleagues to sign, and then take a picture of them with their signed pledge sheet! Don’t forget to share the picture via social media, and use the hashtag #SciencePledge

Science Pledge Posters: available in colour or black & white.

Science Pledge Flyers: you can print these in colour or black & white; these are great for flyering campus windows with, or for putting in mailboxes.

Vote Science 101 event poster: available in standard letter (8.5 x 11) size (colour or black & white) and in small poster (11 x 17) size (colour or black & white).

Talk Science event poster: as standard letter size (colour or black & white) and small poster (colour or black & white)

E4D Sign-up sheet: help us build a base of science supporters across Canada! Ask event attendees fill out this sheet so they learn more about Evidence for Democracy and how they can stand-up for science!

Stickers: here is a template for printing stickers at home (2’’ diameter stickers), but we can also mail printed stickers to you. Available in both English and French. These stickers are also available as buttons; let us know if you'd like to have some mailed to you!