Overheard at the Standing Committee on Science and Research

Thursday, December 16, 2021 - 14:24

The Standing Committee on Science and Research (SRSR) is now in session. We will continue to share updates on the Committee’s activities, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon.

What is the Standing Committee on Science and Research?

Earlier this year, the Honourable Member of Parliament (MP) Kirsty Duncan (LPC) put forward a motion, titled M-38, to create a new Standing Committee on Science and Research. The motion received unanimous support from all Members of Parliament (MP), and called on the House of Commons to:

“(i) recognize that science and research are of critical importance to all Canadians, including, but not limited to, improving the health of Canadians, improving the environment, driving innovation and economic growth, and improving the quality of life of Canadians, (ii) recognize that science and research are more important than ever, as the economic, environmental and social challenges we face are greater, (iii) affirm its commitment to science, research and evidence-informed decision-making.”

With Canada’s 44th session of Parliament now underway, this new Standing Committee is also underway. So far, the mandate “includes, among other matters, reviewing and reporting on all matters relating to science and research, including any reports of the Chief Science Advisor, and any other matter which the House refers to the standing committee.” 

Members of the new committee are as follows: Tony Baldinelli (CPC), Maxime Blanchette-Joncas (Bloc Québécois, Vice-Chair), Valerie Bradford (LPC), Richard Cannings (NDP), Chad Collins (LPC), Lena Metlege Diab (LPC), Kirsty Duncan (LPC, Chair), Mike Lake (CPC), Stéphane Lauzon (LPC), Ron McKinnon (LPC), Gerald Soroka (CPC) and Corey Tochor (CPC, Vice-Chair).  

You can find the Standing Committee’s upcoming meetings and completed work here. 

We will continue to provide updates on what we overhear at the Standing Committee on Science and Research (#EyesOnSRSR). Keep scrolling for updates!

Meeting Summaries


Farah Qaiser

Director of Research and Policy

In 2020, Farah completed a Master of Science at the University of Toronto, where she carried out DNA sequencing to better understand neurological disorders, and later worked as a researcher at the University Health Network’s Epilepsy Genetics Clinic.