E4D staff frequently provide commentary on science policy and evidence-informed decision-making via the media and through opinion editorials (op-eds). Below are some op-eds authored by E4D staff and partners.

Canada’s record on government transparency isn’t looking so hot

The National Observer - Caitlin Fowler, Farah Qaiser and Vanessa Sung - 11/25/2022

We’ve seen significant public attention paid to transparency of government action concerning the Emergencies Act. Transparency matters across all levels of government.

Ten years after the ‘death of evidence,’ scientists again march on Parliament Hill

The Hill Times - Farah Qaiser and Rachael Maxwell - 08/10/2022

Canada is plagued by persistent challenges when it comes to supporting science, ranking consistently in the bottom tier of its peer nations by practically any measure of investment.

Bridging the gap between science and policy

University Affairs - Adekunbi Adetona, Ashley Davidson, S. Eryn McFarlane, Lucksini Raveendran, Matthew Robbins, Karthika Sriskantharajah, Caitlin Fowler, and Farah Qaiser - 08/10/2022

It’s critical that students be taught how to share research findings with policymakers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the relationship between science, society and policy. If we expect our governments to continue to rely on science to shape policy, then we must equip researchers with the right tools to effectively participate and contribute to policymaking, starting with access to skills-based training, and opportunities to put those skills into practice.

Opinion: Canada, we have a transparency problem when it comes to policy-making

Canada, we have a transparency problem when it comes to policy-making

The Globe and Mail - Farah Qaiser, Rachael Maxwell - 02/21/2022

Transparency is a funny word: it sparks many emotions, but there is little agreement on what exactly it means in practice. In politics, the word has several associates, including accountability, openness and anti-corruption. It is often used as core rhetoric during elections by most parties, even though reckoning rarely occurs during or after the campaign.

Support for science should be a top priority for the re-elected Trudeau government

Policy Options - Rachael Maxwell, Farah Qaiser - 11/30/2021

COVID has shown the vital difference science can make in addressing our defining challenges. Let’s build on this awareness with support for science.

Science integrity at risk in B.C.

Vancouver Sun - Tej Heer, Kimberly Girling - 26/6/2020

Scientific professionals work hard to protect B.C.’s people, resources, and economy. We must protect this work by building a system that values their contributions and allows them to continue to enrich and protect the lives of British Columbians.

What's next for research trainees in Canada after the pandemic

University Affairs - Vote Science Partners - 29/5/2020

They are the life force of scientific discovery, yet a disproportionate number of research trainees face a dire financial situation moving forward.

How politicians use evidence - and how public servants can help them find it

Apolitical - Kimberly Girling - 16/12/2019

When science and evidence are ignored in government decisions, citizens suffer. In the face of global challenges like climate change, and a growing landscape of misinformation, ensuring our governments are equipped to use robust evidence in their decisions is more important than ever.

Who can MPs trust in an age of misinformation? 

Ottawa Citizen - Kimberly Girling - 2/12/2019

A new report finds that, while politicians want to find and use the best available research and evidence, they face challenges putting this into practice.

This fall, let's #VoteScience

University Affairs - Vote Science Partners - 13/9/2019

Science is rarely a key issue during federal elections - and we think this needs to change.

Who's missing in the Ontario cabinet shuffle? Perhaps a Chief Scientist

The Toronto Star - Kimberly Girling - 24/6/2019

Let’s talk about climate. Just last week, in light of evidence demonstrating that our national climate is warming at twice the global rate, Canada declared a climate emergency. Climate change is increasingly evident in Ontario (you’ll recall that, just this April, we experienced some of the worst flooding the province has ever seen).

Fundamental science needs futher investment

Policy Options - Katie Gibbs and Kimberly Girling - 10/4/2019

The era of stagnation is behind us, but we are a long way from the finish line mapped out by the Naylor Report.

Why I'm done saying 'fake news'

The Toronto Star - Katie Gibbs - 2/10/2018

We’ve reached a dangerous point in time where the answers to “what is true” and “who to trust” dominate the debate on important issues like climate change, vaccines, and immigration. Reality is apparently even debatable for seemingly unimportant issues like crowd sizes and the price of beer in Ontario.