Let’s elect a smart federal government in 2015

Canadians’ quality of life stands on a foundation of science, technology and information. We rely on evidence to make smart decisions and informed choices. In recent years, the federal government has made drastic cuts to Canada’s traditional investments in science and along with it the commitment to transparency in government decision-making.

We need a federal government that champions science, and consistently seeks out the best evidence and expertise needed to make informed decisions.

The next federal election offers an exciting opportunity. For the first time, there is going to be a big push to make public-interest science an election issue. Let’s seize this opportunity, and make 2015 the turning point for science in Canada!

It’s time to raise the profile of science and smart decision-making in the run-up to the 2015 federal election. Here’s our strategy.

Informing the public

True North Smart and Free: The landscape of public science and evidence-based decision-making has changed dramatically in the last decade. With True North Smart and Free, we document changes to how science is collected, communicated and used in federal policy decisions along with why it matters, and how this impacts our daily lives and our democracy. 

Engaging candidates

Science Pledge: E4D is asking citizens and organizations to publicly declare their support for public-interest science and smart decision-making by taking the science pledge. With this tool, you can show candidates and party leaders that Canadians support informed decision-making. 

Offering solutions

Science Platform: E4D is proposing a suite of policy recommendations to improve public-interest science and smart decision-making in Canada. We are working with the federal parties to get these recommendations included in their election platforms. (Ongoing)

Finding out where the parties stand

Science Voting Record: See how MPs and federal political parties have voted on issues related to science and evidence over the past 4 years. See if your MP or party scored well, and compare the worst offenders against the strongest champions for science and evidence-based decision-making. (Coming soon)

Election Questionnaire: Election platforms are typically vague when it comes to science and informed decision-making. E4D is distributing a questionnaire to the federal political parties to gain specific detail about how they plan to address this important issue.

You can also see the science platform for each party for more information on the policies they are proposing:

Canadians deserves a healthy democracy where its citizens, and elected officials have the information they need to make responsible, smart decisions. We can get there - but not without your help. If you want to see a smart federal government elected in 2015, help us maximize the impact of these campaigns by becoming a monthly donor today. In this critical time before the next election, your support matters more than ever. This is our opportunity to turn things around and make 2015 a turning point for science in Canada!