Have your say in Budget 2018

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 12:59

The Department of Finance has just launched their online consultation to hear what Canadians want to see in the next federal budget - let's make sure they hear from the research community! 

We need your help to capitalize on this opportunity to send a clear message to Finance Minister Bill Morneau that Canadians care about fundamental research and climate science. Here’s what you can do:

1. Submit a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau letting him know you want to see support for science in Budget 2018. We made a handy guide for how to do this. 

2. Visit the #YourBudget2018 website and take their short budget surveys.

A number of response options focus on investing in science and research - let’s make sure these come out on top!

3. Add your voice to the #YourBudget2018 discussion on twitter.

The government wants Canadians to tweet about what they want to see in the next budget. Let’s make sure science is front and center in the discussion.

Here’s a few ideas for tweets:

.@Bill_Morneau #YourBudget2018 must support #cdnsci with significant investments in fundamental research and climate science. #supportthereport

For Budget 2018, let’s reprioritize fundamental research with an investment of $386 million. #supportthereport #YourBudget2018

Budget 2018 can’t address “the economy of tomorrow” without a substantial  increase in support for fundamental research. #supportthereport #YourBudget2018

If #YourBudget2018 is going to support lifelong learning, we need $35 million to reinvigorate scholarships and fellowships to support early career researchers. #supportthereport

72% of participants in consultations for the last budget said they would rather have the Government focus on the long term. This means #YourBudget2018 needs $13 million for the climate science and atmospheric research that help us understand our changing climate. #cdnsci #cdnenv

Climate action requires climate science, we must invest in climate research and atmospheric science. $13 million for peer-reviewed, world-class projects like PEARL is needed in #Budget2018 #YourBudget2018

Projects like PEARL are at risk without long-term funding commitments. There needs to be at least $13 million for climate science and atmospheric research in #Budget2018 #YourBudget2018.

I want to see a federal budget that prioritizes research, and values the contributions researchers and scientists make to our economy, our understanding of our changing climate, our health, and our democracy.  #Budget2018 #YourBudget2018


Thanks for taking action! Let’s keep the discussion going and make sure science is prioritized in Budget 2018!


Emma Bugg

Communications and Campaigns Manager

Emma Bugg graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of International Studies. The same year, she completed social and environmental justice leadership training through the Next Up leadership program.