Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 13:30

Globally, health care workers, first responders, essential workers, public servants, and scientists are working tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This crisis demands an evidence-based response. Informing our actions and decisions using the best available science, and mobilizing the skills and knowledge of experts will be vitally important.  To help you, we will be keeping this post updated with credible sources of information on COVID-19 and ways to take action and do your part to stop the spread. We will continue to add to this post as the situation evolves. 

Thank you to our community for providing us with these resources. Please consider submitting a comment below or sending additional resources to info@evidencefordemocracy.ca

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COVID-19 Resources Canada

COVID-19 Resources Canada is a central hub designed to help those involved in COVID-19 R&D in Canada to locate human resources, expertise, reagents and equipment in a timely manner. 

Credible Information Sources on COVID-19

There is a lot of dangerous misinformation circulating about COVID-19. Make sure you are reading and sharing information from credible sources. For more information on how to recognize and combat misinformation, check out our Truth Toolkit. 
Government of Canada updates on Coronavirus disease 
World Health Organization: Myth busters 
Updates on the latest science on COVID-19 (Check this post for twice weekly updates on science relating to COVID-19).

Understanding Physical Distancing

We must take physical distancing and self-isolation seriously. The resources below explain the importance of this element of responding to COVID-19 and answer lots of FAQs about the Do’s and Dont’s. 
Self-Isolation Instructions for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Know the difference: Self monitoring, self isolation, and isolation for COVID-19
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance 

Increasing Testing Capacity

Another crucial step towards reducing the spread of COVID-19 is to improve capacity and speed of testing in Canada. However, widespread testing is currently facing barriers such as shortages of professionals and reagents. The resources below outline updated information on testing, as well as ongoing calls to action for scientists to get involved:
Op-Ed: Social distancing isn’t enough - we need to ramp up testing and transparency 
ACTION ITEM: Petition to increase testing capacity in Canada 
ACTION ITEM: Sign up sheet seeking scientific professionals to volunteer skills related to testing for COVID-19 (They are looking for scientists, senior PhD students, Post-Docs, and techs with skills for testing in public health labs. Specifically looking for people with skills in extraction, PCR testing, review requisitions, validation, whole genome sequencing. More details here.)
ACTION ITEM: Call from the Public Health Agency of Canada for donations of reagents for testing 
ACTION ITEM: Sign-up for the #CrowdFightCovid19 initiative


Kimberly Girling

Interim Executive Director

Kimberly Girling completed a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia. During her work as a scientist, she developed a passion for science policy, and has participated in a number of initiatives relating to global and public health, drug policy and harm reduction.