Election Countdown: Time to take action for science

For the first time in Canadian history, science and smart decision-making have become an election issue. This is a huge accomplishment, but there is still much work to be done. Check out what you can do today to make sure we elect a science-friendly government on October 19th!

10 things you can do today to help stand up science and smart decision-making in Canada!

1) Vote! Advanced polls open today and are open all weekend. Skip the election day lines and #votescience today!

You can review the science platform for each party here:

2) Let your candidates know you care about the future of science in Canada by asking them these questions at locals debates or on your doorstep:

  • “Will you and your party restore open and transparent communication between government scientists and the public?” If so, will you commit to developing and implementing a new federal science communication policy that allows this open communication?
  • “Will you and your party re-establish the mandatory long-form census?” If so, what additional action will you take to improve Statistics Canada's ability to collect and publish high quality social, health, economic, and environmental data?
  • “Will you and your party appoint a Science Adviser who reports directly to Parliament?” If so, what role do you foresee the Science Adviser playing in your government and where should that position best be placed to ensure its independence?

3) Tune into Quirks & Quarks and listen to their all-party election science panel.

4) Take the Science Pledge - a promise to protect and promote the science that keeps Canadians safe, healthy, and prosperous (click to share on Facebook or Twitter)

5) Share your Science Pledge Pic online, at home, or in the office (click to share on Facebook or Twitter)

6) Visit the True North Smart + Free website and share the stories that show why a strong democracy needs strong science (click to share on Facebook or Twitter).

7) Review and share the results of our Science Policy Questionnaire so you can vote for a science-friendly party on October 19th (click to share on Facebook or Twitter)

8) Listen to and share the CBC Ideas’ 3 part series: Science under Siege (click to share on Facebook or Twitter).

9) Join Evidence First - our community of monthly donors so we can hold the new government accountable after the election.

10) Share this post with your friends and family (click on social media icons below).

Thank you for everything you've done so far - let's keep the momentum going! 

Marija Curran

Communications and Development Coordinator

Marija Curran joined Evidence for Democracy as a Communications and Fundraising Coordinator in 2014. She comes to E4D from the Council of Canadian Academies where she worked as a Communications Coordinator to create and promote independent, evidence-based research for public policy development.