E4D's submission to the Parliamentary Finance Committee

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 10:44

The Parliamentary Committee on Finance (FINA) accepted 2,000 word submissions in advance of the 2019 federal budget. 


Evidence for Democracy's submission to FINA featured requests for increased support for scholarships and fellowships, climate science, and science advice. You can read our submission online.

Our recommendations to the Finance Committee:

  1. Strengthen federal government science through increased capacity, more mechanisms for science advice and resources to support implementation of science integrity policies
  2. Investment of $10-15 million over 5 years in partnership-based climate and atmospheric research, especially in the Arctic
  3. Increase and harmonize post-secondary scholarships and support for students and post-doctoral fellowships by increasing base support to $140 million over four years
  4. Ensure support for the full costs of academic research by increasing the Research Support Fund

Many partners and research-focused organizations also called for increased science support. You can read their briefs:



Kathleen Walsh

Director of Policy

Kathleen Walsh is driven by a passion for social innovation and finding ways to make policy more effective, inclusive, and based on robust evidence. She serves as Evidence for Democracy's Director of Policy, and was previously the organization's Interim Executive Director.