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Trudeau government has more to do to combat Harper-era muzzling of scientists: report

Global News - Jessica Vomiero - 3/18/2018

While the Trudeau government has removed restrictions that prevented federal scientists from speaking to the media during the Harper-era, a new report suggests the impact of the government’s amendments is still being realized.

Basic science makes historic gains in research-friendly budget

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 2/28/2018

Going into this year's budget process Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he was already convinced of the need to boost support for Canadian scientists but that he had to think about "how we can have the buggest impact." 

Federal investment in science the result of grassroots movement: Naylor

iPolitics - Sarah Turnbull - 2/28/2018

Dr. David Naylor, the man that spearheaded last year’s report that looked into Canada’s declining commitment to scientific research, said it was the efforts on the ground over the past several months that resulted in a favourable budget outcome.

Survey reveals federal departments still blocking access to scientists

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 2/21/2018

More than half of the federal scientists who responded to an online survey conducted last year say they still do not feel they can speak freely to the public and media about their work despite Trudeau government policies aimed at unmuzzling researchers.

Canadian climate science faces crisis that may be felt globally, scientists warn

The Guardian - Ashifa Kassam - 1/22/2018

Canadian climate science is facing a looming crisis whose repercussions could be felt far beyond the country’s borders, hundreds of scientists have warned, after the Canadian government failed to renew the country’s only dedicated funding program for climate and atmospheric research.

There's a 'crisis looming' for Canadian climate research, scientists warn

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 1/22/2018

Canada can’t become a world leader in climate change research without putting its cards on the table, say hundreds of scientists in a new open letter.

Arctic climate research lab granted federal funding in late reprieve

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 11/8/2017

Ottawa has extended a lifeline to Canada's premier Arctic climate laboratory after earlier failing to renew its funding in this year's federal budget.

Grumblings become cheers as Trudeau names Mona Nemer as chief scientist

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 9/26/2017

Recent grumblings about the Trudeau government's commitment to evidence-based decisions turned into cheers on Tuesday after the long-awaited introduction of Canada's new chief scientist.

Liberals struggling to reverse Harper's cuts to climate science

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 9/5/2017

Five years ago, climate change scientists said they were in the midst of a severe funding crisis.