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Trudeau asked to enshrine top scientist's position in law

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 15/9/2020

Canada's scientific community is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to enshrine its federal science adviser in law, saying it is crucial that the country has the right tools at hand to cope with the uncertain future it faces from COVID-19 and the climate crisis.

In the age of misinformation, advocates call for Canadians to vote for science

The Narwhal - Jimmy Thomson - 8/8/2019

As U.S. President Donald Trump attempts to slash science budgets south of the border, a coalition of Canadian organizations is campaigning for Canadians to put science on the agenda of this fall’s federal election

Coalition launches 'Vote Science' Election Campaign

The National Observer - Alastair Sharp - 8/8/2019

A coalition of science groups is pushing for candidates in the upcoming federal election to back evidence-informed policy, more transparent communication of that decision-making and more funding for scientific research.

Ottawa must increase funding for climate science or risk falling behind, scientists say

CBC - Ryan Patrick Jones - 6/27/2019

Inadequate government funding for climate research in Canada is causing highly-qualified climate scientists to leave the country, says a new report released Wednesday.

Canadians risk growing ignorant about climate crisis, say scientists

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 6/26/2019

Canadians risk growing ignorant about the global climate emergency because the federal government has failed to maintain predictable and long-term reseach funding, scientists say in a newly released survey.

Canada budget overlooks basic research

Nature - Brian Owens - 3/20/2019

Canada's 2019 budget, released on 19 March, includes modest increases for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government priorities, including neuroscience and genomics research - nothing like the historic five-year, Can$4-billion (US$3-billion) boost for basic science and research unveiled in 2018.

Feds tout 'big investment' in science as concerns linger

The Canadian Press - Mia Rabson - 11/13/2018

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan says she expects universities to nominate young scientists for the vast majority of Canada's new federally-funded research jobs.

Ottawa unveils integrity rules to shield scientists from interference

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 7/30/2018

Releasing scientific information to the public in a timely manner, encouraging discussion around different interpretations of research results, and protecting government labs from political interference – all are bedrock principles of scientific integrity that have now been enshrined in a new set of guidelines for federal departments.

Concern over future of science in Ontario

Chemistry World - Brian Owens - 7/4/2018

Scientists in Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, are concerned about the future of government science in the province following the election of Doug Ford as premier. 

This year may be Science Minister Kirsty Duncan's most challenging

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 6/25/2018

The theory is complicated, the equipment is expensive, the location is offshore and the payoff – if there is one – could be a decade away. But as federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan prepared to announce $10-million in funding to help retool the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, she was happy to justify the commitment.

B.C.'s big opportunity to fix under-regulated industry is here (and you've probably never heard of it)

The Narwhal - Jimmy Thomson - 06/23/2018 

For the last decade B.C.’s professional reliance system has outsourced the responsibility for environmental monitoring to industry, creating a regulatory environment rife with controversy, protest and lawsuits.

Ottawa March for Science promotes and opens up evidence-based dialogue to the public

Apt 613 - Andrew Monro - 5/1/2018

Dozens of people gathered on the cold morning of April 14 on Parliament Hill for the March for Science. First started in 2017 in Washington D.C., this is a global event of more than 200 rallies and marches, calling on a worldwide need for non-partisan support toward scientific research and policymaking.

Trudeau government has more to do to combat Harper-era muzzling of scientists: report

Global News - Jessica Vomiero - 3/18/2018

While the Trudeau government has removed restrictions that prevented federal scientists from speaking to the media during the Harper-era, a new report suggests the impact of the government’s amendments is still being realized.

Basic science makes historic gains in research-friendly budget

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 2/28/2018

Going into this year's budget process Finance Minister Bill Morneau said he was already convinced of the need to boost support for Canadian scientists but that he had to think about "how we can have the buggest impact." 

Federal investment in science the result of grassroots movement: Naylor

iPolitics - Sarah Turnbull - 2/28/2018

Dr. David Naylor, the man that spearheaded last year’s report that looked into Canada’s declining commitment to scientific research, said it was the efforts on the ground over the past several months that resulted in a favourable budget outcome.

Survey reveals federal departments still blocking access to scientists

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 2/21/2018

More than half of the federal scientists who responded to an online survey conducted last year say they still do not feel they can speak freely to the public and media about their work despite Trudeau government policies aimed at unmuzzling researchers.

Canadian climate science faces crisis that may be felt globally, scientists warn

The Guardian - Ashifa Kassam - 1/22/2018

Canadian climate science is facing a looming crisis whose repercussions could be felt far beyond the country’s borders, hundreds of scientists have warned, after the Canadian government failed to renew the country’s only dedicated funding program for climate and atmospheric research.

There's a 'crisis looming' for Canadian climate research, scientists warn

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 1/22/2018

Canada can’t become a world leader in climate change research without putting its cards on the table, say hundreds of scientists in a new open letter.

Arctic climate research lab granted federal funding in late reprieve

The Globe and Mail - Ivan Semeniuk - 11/8/2017

Ottawa has extended a lifeline to Canada's premier Arctic climate laboratory after earlier failing to renew its funding in this year's federal budget.

Grumblings become cheers as Trudeau names Mona Nemer as chief scientist

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 9/26/2017

Recent grumblings about the Trudeau government's commitment to evidence-based decisions turned into cheers on Tuesday after the long-awaited introduction of Canada's new chief scientist.

Liberals struggling to reverse Harper's cuts to climate science

National Observer - Carl Meyer - 9/5/2017

Five years ago, climate change scientists said they were in the midst of a severe funding crisis.