E4D highlights from 2014

Thanks to you - science and democracy made some big strides in 2014.

Before the spirit of new year reflections passes us by, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing accomplishments we have achieved on behalf of science and democracy thanks to your support.

2014 was a big year for E4D, we started the year as an emerging organization entirely run by volunteers concerned about the state of science and smart decision-making and have grown into a strong community of staff, experts, volunteers and supporters - all working together to become a national voice for evidence-based decision-making in Canada.

Thanks to a shared vision for a national science-based organization with a mandate to promote public-interest science, the role of science in a healthy democracy, and the idea that politicians should make smart policy-decisions, we have been able to make an admirable stand for science in Canada.

What did we do in 2014?

Together we integrated science and evidence-based decision-making into the national discourse in a way never seen before. Here are a few E4D highlights in 2014:  

  • Over 4,000 signatures on our petition to save science libraries across the country;
  • Over 1,600 submissions to the federal government’s revised science and technology strategy;
  • We released our first independent research report - a report card assessing 16 federal departments on how well their media policies facilitate open and timely communication between government scientists and journalists;
  • Over 3,600 Canadians sent a message to their MPs to support a private member’s bill to bring back the long-form census;
  • Dozens of speaking engagements in 10 cities across the country talking about the current problems with science in Canada and why science is so important for our democracy; and
  • Over 100 media interviews and op-eds in top media outlets to help all Canadians understand the importance of having strong and transparent public science in Canada.

The success of these initiatives is testament to the support for public-interest science and evidence-based decision-making in Canada. Let’s use this momentum and work to elect a smart government in 2015 - one that values and promotes science integrity and makes informed public-policy decisions.

Katie Gibbs

Marija Curran

Communications and Development Coordinator

Marija Curran joined Evidence for Democracy as a Communications and Fundraising Coordinator in 2014. She comes to E4D from the Council of Canadian Academies where she worked as a Communications Coordinator to create and promote independent, evidence-based research for public policy development.