A media and Twitter storm erupted last week when a spokesperson from Elections Canada suggested that climate change would be a regulated “election issue” because Maxime Bernier had questioned climate science.  

What has ensued is a perfect example of how unclear policies, speculation and superficial journalism can quickly cause confusion and make it difficult to determine the truth. What’s ironic is that this problem centers around the updated Elections Act. An update which was in part intended to deal with the growing threat of misinformation and the influence it could have on the election. 

Pre-Budget Consultation Submission Budget 2020

Each year, in preparation for the federal budget, the House of Commons Finance Committee invites the public to submit proposals on what they feel should be a top funding priority for the upcoming year. This year, the committee requested submissions specifically on the theme “Climate Emergency: The Required Transition to a Low Carbon Economy”.

Inquiring into Ontario science and research

A few months back, we shared an update on science and research in Ontario, including some concerns about potential reductions in funding for scientific research and an update on our work regarding the dismissal of the Chief Scientist. In February, we sent a letter to Premier Ford reminding him of the importance of the position and inquiring about the status of hiring a replacement Chief Scientist for Ontario.

Research Summary: Showing scientific consensus may not impact individual's beliefs, but there is no consensus on that either

This piece is one in a new series we will be hosting on our blog, aiming to help make science more accessible to the public. This is a short, comprehensive summary of a recent paper: “Examining the Impact of Expert Voices: Communicating the Scientific Consensus on Genetically-modified Organisms”. Thank you to our volunteer Justin Marleau for contributing this post! 

Image with the words "The Fundamental Science Review: Where are we at?" overlaid over a blue, geometric background

In 2017, the federal government commissioned a review of Canada’s fundamental science and research ecosystem. The results of this, the Fundamental Science Review (also known as the Naylor report) called upon the government to take action on several recommendations that aimed to improve fundamental research in Canada.  The review was met with great support from scientists across the country.