On Thursday 27 May 2021, Motion M-38 was adopted unanimously to create a new Standing Committee on Science and Research in the next Parliament. During the two hours of debate for M-38, there were some cautionary remarks provided from several MPs, including using the committee as “pretext for interfering in scientific work,” or “creating a silo where research and science are isolated from the rest of society.” 

Screenshot of the Zoom panel showing video of six panelists.

On September 16th, Evidence for Democracy hosted an expert panel to discuss Canada’s data needs for an evidence-based COVID-19 response. Watch the full conversation.

On May 5th, Evidence for Democracy hosted a Q&A with experts leading collaborative response efforts to COVID-19. Watch the full conversation. 

Ontario has cancelled its cap and trade system, which was created to reduce the province’s greenhouses gas (GHG) emissions. Premier Doug Ford has also promised to oppose implementing the federal carbon tax.


Laurentian University researchers Jackie Litzgus and David Lesbarrères discuss the issue of highway-related road mortality in Ontario reptile and amphibian species.

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