COVID-19 has put science in the global spotlight like never before. From immunology, virology and epidemiology, to genome sequencing and mRNA vaccines, the solutions delivered by science have unfolded at a pace unmatched by nearly any other tool at our disposal over the past 18 months. This problem-solving capacity should not be tucked away for the next crisis, but deliberately deployed as an approach to tackling our biggest challenges. 

Is Canada done with the Fundamental Science Review?

 Ahead of the (likely) federal election, we’re revisiting the recommendations from the Fundamental Science Review and we want to hear from you too

As the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, science should be shared in plain language — so that readers can easily find, understand and use information. Recognizing this, Evidence for Democracy (E4D) has prepared a toolkit that technical experts can use to write plain language summaries

Hi, I'm Nada!

My name is Nada Salem, and I’m thrilled to be joining Evidence for Democracy as the new Communications and Campaigns Coordinator.

Meet Ivana!

As E4D’s summer research assistant, I will be working alongside Tej on the second phase of the “Eyes on Evidence” project.  This project aims to address and evaluate the transparency of evidence in policy in various departments of the government of Canada.  My role will be to help Tej find new policy announcements and apply the “Eyes on Evidence” framework to assess how transparent the use of evidence is in policy decisions within the government of Canada.

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