There are a number of exciting E4D events coming up!

Katie Gibbs will be speaking in Toronto as part of Freedom to Read Week

What: Talk and screening of Silence of the Labs documentary
When: Saturday, March 1st
1pm - 2pm : Screening of Silence of the Labs
2pm - 3pm: Talk by Katie Gibbs
Where: Jane/Dundas Library 620 Jane St.

Joint the Facebook event here:


You can find a full video of Dr. Findlay's talk here and the text of the talk here.

Evidence for Democracy is partnering with Situating Science to bring you an exciting event on March 5th!

MEDIA RELEASE The federal government is soliciting feedback on their consultation paper - Seizing Canada’s moment: moving forward in science, technology and innovation - to inform a revised science, technology and innovation strategy to be released later this year. This will update a strategy adopted in 2007 entitled Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage. “Most of the questions posed in the consultation paper are focused on business innovation,” said Dr. Scott Findlay, Professor of Biology at the University of Ottawa. “While business innovation is certainly important for our economic prosperity, many other aspects of Canadian science are equally important for the long-term well-being of Canadians.”

Make sure to watch the Fifth Estate this Friday, January 10, at 9pm EST for 'Silence of the Labs'.

The following is a blog post written by E4D supporter and conservation ecologist Alejandro Frid. It was originally posted to Conservation Bytes. Artists, poets and musicians make us feel, viscerally, how people destroy what they do not understand. Logic and observation lead E. O. Wilson to conclude: ‘If people don’t know, they don’t care. If they don’t care, they don’t act.’ Whether you feel it in one of Drew Dillinger’s poems or visualize it from the sinuous beauty of mathematical equations, the song remains the same. Scientists are critical to the present and future of the biosphere and humanity, but if — and only if — we are free to communicate our findings to the voting public.

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