Are you joining us for this week? Join us and biochemist Dr. Dana Foss for a Twitter chat on her resear… https://t.co/vVNZrETI2Q
14 hours 6 sec ago
3/3 Also, ICYMI, we've launched an open letter and we are aiming to have 1000 researchers sign on to voice their su… https://t.co/Ula5SbPpnE
16 hours 36 min ago
2/3 If you want support hosting a sign-making party, please reach out via info@evidencefordemocracy.ca
16 hours 36 min ago
1/3 On May 3rd, youth across Canada will strike for climate. We want the Canadian science and research community to… https://t.co/Qolqo0s4Y2
16 hours 36 min ago