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E4D’s Submission to the 2024 Pre-Budget Consultation

Ahead of Budget 2024, the Standing Committee on Finance issued its annual call for Canadians to share priorities for the next federal budget. E4D participated in this consultation, submitting a call for major investments in the science and research ecosystem, and the development of a National Science Strategy to safeguard our future.
Budget 2024 Pre-budget Submission

Science touches all aspects of our lives. Virtually every policy issue that decision-makers face today can benefit from scientific evidence and technologies, especially as we consider the ever-growing complexity of challenges related to climate change, food security, social inequality, future pandemics, and so much more.

In our pre-budget submission ahead of budget 2024, we urged the Government of Canada to make bold investments in science and research for our collective good. Our recommendations were:

Recommendation 1: That the government strengthen Canadian science and research by investing in talent through scholarships and fellowships, and through core federal granting council funding.

    • Recommendation 1.1: Increase the number of graduate scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships, increase their value by 50%, and index the amount to the consumer price index moving forward.
    • Recommendation 1.2: Increase the core funding of federal granting councils by a minimum of 10% annually for five years.

Recommendation 2: That the government invest in federal government science, and support the full implementation of the Scientific Integrity Policies.

    • Recommendation 2.1: Commit to restoring funding for intramural science to 2010-2011 levels.
    • Recommendation 2.2: Ensure that science-based departments and agencies have the appropriate resources to fully implement their Scientific Integrity Policies.

Recommendation 3: That the government commit funds to develop a National Science Strategy to enhance coordination, and long-term planning and investments across the research and innovation system.

You can read our full submission to the consultation here.

For guidance on how to participate in the pre-budget consultation process, visit our resources or contact us (

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