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E4D’s Submission to the 2019 Pre-Budget Consultation

Ahead of Budget 2019, the Department of Finance held a consultation period calling for Canadians to respond to a survey and submit feedback on priorities for the next federal budget. E4D participated in this consultation, submitting a call for further investments in research in line with the Fundamental Science Review recommendations along with calls to increase capacity for government science advice and science integrity.
Pre-budget consultation submission

Budget 2018 provided a historical boost to research funding in Canada. Moving forward, Budget 2019 provides additional opportuntities for the government to continue supporting science and research both within government and in academia. E4D made the following four recommendations to the Department of Finance which we believe will further strengthen the research environment in Canada by closing some critical gaps.

1. Increase and harmonize post-secondary scholarships and support for students and post-doctoral fellowships by increasing base support to $140 million over four years

2. Ensure support for the full costs of academic research by increasing the Research Support Fund

3. Strengthen federal government science through increased capacity, more mechanisms for science advice, and resources to support implementation of science integrity policies

4. Investment of $10-15 million over 5 years in partnership-based climate and atmospheric research, especially in the Arctic

Science and technology is fundamentally important for Canada and Canadians. Scientific research advances our understanding of the world, betters our economy and improves our health, safety, and security. It generates new and innovative ideas, provides job opportunities for our children and grandchildren, and enhances the well-being of Canadians. Investments in scientific research are truly investments in Canada.

You can read our full submission to the consultation here.

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