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Nominate an Evidence Advocate

About Evidence Advocates

Evidence for Democracy’s Evidence Advocates celebrates individuals who demonstrate dedication to promoting evidence-informed decision-making in their communities and beyond. Whether they’re advocating for science, debunking misinformation, or engaging in meaningful dialogue about pressing issues, we want to shine a spotlight on their outstanding efforts.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone currently residing in Canada, from any background, is eligible for E4D’s Evidence Advocate of the Month Award. The goal of this award is to highlight diverse forms of advocacy, including activities performed within academia, industry, government, not-for-profits and more!

How to Apply?

Applications will be received through nominations (including self-nomination).

How Will a Winner be Chosen?

Nominations will be received on a rolling basis. Once a nomination has been received, the submission will be eligible for 12 months. Each month E4D will chose one eligible application that best represents the following criteria:

  • Advocacy Initiatives
    • Engagement in advocacy initiatives, including advocating for the use of evidence to support policy decision-making (i.e., science for policy), and/or informing policy related to Canada’s science and innovation system (i.e., policy for science).
    • This can involve seeking deliberate opportunities for researchers and policy-makers to better serve society, such as testifying in front of a committee, launching an e-petition, organizing a rally, or meeting with your elected representative.
  • Passion
    • Ongoing commitment to advocating for evidence-informed policies through the dedication of time, resources and mobilization for the cause.
    • Clear, measurable, and sustained enthusiasm for engaging in discussions related to their topic of interest. Successful applicants should have an established reputation as a champion for their cause.
  • Collaboration
    • Meaningful collaborations/community engagement with diverse stakeholders, such as policy-makers, scientists, advocacy groups, and the public, to advance evidence-informed policies, and foster dialogue about science policy issues.
  • Creativity
    • Unique and innovative approaches to advocacy for evidence-informed policies and engagement with diverse audiences.

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