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May 2024:
Karine Coen-Sanchez

Karine was nominated for driving change and breaking down barriers for the next generation of Black and racialized students. She has worked tirelessly with university administrations in Ontario to highlight key issues related to systematic racism in academia, and she works with many organizations to deliver workshops, learning circles, and teaching materials that center new ways of learning. She is driven to bring forth change in administrations through informed governance at school boards, universities and funding organizations. Read about Karine’s many contributions below.

About Karine:

Karine Coen-Sanchez is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa. She is the founder of the Student Anti-Racism Association at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the co-founder of the Black Mentorship Program at the University of Ottawa. Karine has partnered with the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) to create spaces and develop workshops for students and professors to learn, share, and strengthen their social positionalities in academic institutions.

As the Co-Chair for the SSHRC Advisory Committee addressing Anti-Black Racism, Karine authored a report aimed at addressing systemic issues in bursary applications. She has organized a series of panel discussions for Black and racialized students and professors across Canadian universities, fostering critical conversations and networking opportunities.

Karine also worked with L’Association Canadienne pour la Promotion des Héritages Africains (ACPHA) to foster dialogue and highlight the work of Afro-descendant youth across the National Capital and their school officials. She developed an inclusivity statement for professors to use in their syllabi, promoting a more inclusive and equitable academic environment.

Recently, Karine partnered with the Ottawa Carleton School Board to create, develop, and administer anti-racist workshops for school-age children. She has also led, organized, and developed micro-credit workshops for undergraduate students, equipping them with essential skills for their academic and professional journeys.

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