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Evidence for Democracy’s Evidence Advocates celebrates individuals who demonstrate dedication to promoting evidence-informed decision-making in their communities and beyond. Whether they’re advocating for science, debunking misinformation, or engaging in meaningful dialogue about pressing issues, we want to shine a spotlight on their outstanding efforts.

Ryan Murphy

Evidence Advocate, June 2024

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May 2024

Karine Coen-Sanchez was nominated for breaking down barriers for the next generation of Black and racialized students. She has worked tirelessly with university administrations in Ontario to highlight key issues related to systematic racism in academia.

April 2024

Gideon Mordecai has worked closely with communities to amplify their voices in public policy, and actively engaged with policy-makers to advocate for an overhaul of federal fishery science advice processes.

March 2024

Judith Leblanc was nominated for her bravery in advocating for important issues at the DFO. She helped to develop Scientific Integrity policies, and improve working conditions for scientists.

Evidence for Democracy is thrilled to present the Evidence Advocate winner for June 2024 — Ryan Murphy!

Ryan was nominated for his creative advocacy efforts to bring clean air to New Brunswick. He regularly uses emerging knowledge and evidence around aerosol science, DIY air cleaners, CO2 monitors, and respiratory protection to make his own classrooms safer for students, and has collaborated with organizations such as the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association to bring clean air to more schools in New Brunswick.

About Ryan Murphy:

Ryan Murphy is a New Brunswick teacher and clean air advocate who believes schools shouldn’t make people sick.

Ryan has lobbied to, and then with, the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association to call on government to improve the quality, monitoring, and reporting of indoor air in the province’s schools. He has built LED-infused air filters into theatrical lighting designs, making shows a little safer for performers and audiences alike. He regularly monitors air quality in his school and uses publicly displayed readings as conversation starters with students, staff, and the general public.

His advocacy work has been recognized provincially by legislators and professional organizations, and he was honoured to present alongside internationally recognized experts at the World Health Network’s Clean Indoor Air Expo. His efforts have been highlighted by provincial media.

He continues to push for scientifically informed policies for the operation and maintenance of school mechanical ventilation systems and to push back against the institutional and bureaucratic blockades that actively prevent folks from helping to clean the air in the province, and across Canada.

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