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Canada needs a Parliamentary Science Officer!


Right now, there is a bill before parliament that proposes to create an independent science watchdog. MP Kennedy Stewart introduced Bill C-558, an Act to establish the position of Parliamentary Science Officer, as a private member’s bill in December 2013 (1). This Officer would answer directly to members of parliament and provide them with sound information and expert advice on scientific issues to ensure policy decisions are informed by evidence.

You have sent a message to your MP, the party leaders and the Minister for Science and Technology showing your support for creating an independent science watchdog in Canada.

This bill was proposed as one solution to growing concerns over the erosion of science and evidence-informed policy decisions in Canada (2). In recent years, we have seen drastic cuts to both federal government and academic research(3). Many important evidence gathering institutions have been lost including the long-form census (4), and government scientists are increasingly restricted in their ability to openly communicate their research (5). Most alarming, many public policy decisions disregard all available evidence (6)(7)(8).

Having a dedicated office that provides non-partisan, independent, objective, and readily available analysis of the science relevant for public policy issues is a huge step in the right direction.

Many other governments recognize the importance of such a position. The U.K. has the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (9), the U.S. has the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (10). Canada had a very short-lived Office of the National Science Advisor, but it was eliminated in 2008 after just four years of operation (11). Though the Canadian Science, Technology and Innovation Council was established in 2007, the limited science advice it provides to government is completely confidential (12).

Canada needs a Parliamentary Science Officer to give science a stronger voice in the federal government.

This new office would have the mandate to (13):

  • Assess the state of scientific evidence relevant to any proposal or bill before Parliament;
  • Answer requests from Committees and individual Members of Parliament for unbiased scientific information;
  • Conduct independent analysis of federal science and technology policy;
  • Raise awareness of scientific issues across government and among Canadians;
  • Encourage coordination between departments and agencies conducting scientific research.

If we take action now, this bill could gain the cross-party support needed to make it to the next stage. It may only need a small push – while the bill was introduced by NDP MP Kennedy Stewart, the Conservative and Liberal Parties have a similar proposal in their policy books (14)(15) and the Green Party recently passed a policy motion supporting the creation of a Parliamentary Science Officer (16).

Please send an email to your MP, the party leaders, and the Minister for Science and Technology right now to show your support for creating a Parliamentary Science Officer – a position that provides elected officials with balanced, nonpartisan scientific information.  It’s easy – simply sign the form below, or draft your own letter.


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